• It is I, StoneHammers I'm from the southeast US, male, 34 years old and slave to Armok God of blood.** Blood for the Blood god!**
    I found you guys on Reddit; I've played on many modded MC servers over the years but the ones I find on Reddit seem to have better communities.
    I should be outside playing with my cat or doing yard work or something but I just found out about infinity evolved skyblock mod pack. Is this an April fools joke? I love skyblock. All the other modded servers I use to play on have been shut down. My connection is shitty so I can't really join any voice chat clients right now. Anyways I would love to join.

  • We have reviewed your application and have decided to accept you! Since you can't join the team speak, you could still use our text chat if you wanted to talk to anyone. Also it is not an April fools joke, well there was one in it at first, but it has since actually released. :D We are are all playing on it right now! Skulls for the Skull throne Welcome to Stonebound, StoneHammers.

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