• Greetings, first of all I would like to introduce myself, my name is Dani and I’m a Mexican (My first language is spanish but I speak english fluently on a daily basis) eighteen year old. I like to consider myself as a caring, very passionate person and an introvert who loves to stand out at the things that he does. I’m applying to be a part in the stonebound community which I found out in the ftb revelation public server list. I wasn’t really able to find a minecraft server that fulfilled my standards until now, I have had a couple of experiences in minecraft in the past used to host a serious vanilla minecraft community that lasted almost three years but I had lots of school expenses that required my attention that, led to me not being able to afford the server anymore. I got into mods when the minecraft version 1.5.2 came out and I became a huge fan of modding but none of my friends really had the computing power to run a modpack so I sticked to vanilla until a set of modpacks came out that had quests in them, I loved playing those because sometimes having lots of mods is a little bit overwhelming but the questing gave some sort of direction and purpose to the overall modding experience, but it always felt kind of lonely, that’s why I began to search a community, because experiences are better when you have people to share them with, and I think I can achieve that in here. Looking forward to join you guys. Some facts about me and the way I play: alt text

  • Staff

    Hi Dani,
    thanks for introducing yourself, I've gone ahead and added you to our whitelist. (Apologies for the wait)
    Welcome to Stonebound, enjoy playing in our community!

  • Thank you!

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