• IGN: Speak_N_Sp3ll
    Age: 26
    From: Texas

    In all honesty guys, I just found you from a quick google search leading to http://ftb-infinity-servers.com/ and you were the newest server listed. That being said, my first impressions of you are pretty good; I appreciate a good website with clean design and constant activity signals to me that someone here behind the scenes knows what they're doing and are actively keeping up with stuff.

    Now a little about myself: I am an old player of vanilla and modded Minecraft and have been active in various servers off and on for many years now getting to know different communities and being apart of them. Now I'll be straight with you, I don't have a deep vested interest in this server in particular out of so many others, which could change, but not until I know what the folks are like here. As I said, you have made a good first impression but what matters to be is the core of the group and the actual human beings playing the game together. I am, as I imagine many of you are, a working adult with not a ton of time to spend playing games these days, so when I join a server like this, I think the community of people is the most important aspect in my decision to stay. Sometimes people come together well, and sometimes they don't, there is no real controlling it, you just have to see what works.

  • After looking into your application, we have decided to accept you. Our community has a wide range of people from no lifeing teenagers to people like you and I who have jobs, but like to play in the down time. I hope to see you in game and on the Teamspeak in the future. Welcome to Stonebound. 🙂

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