• IGN : DeadTuberGaming
    Country : Egypt
    Age : 16 Just Become 16 1 day ago
    I found you guys from the public server tab and i was pumped when i knew it white-listed , because all or some to be fair knew that white-listed server means legit players only no kids going around and messing with game or alts going to play then leave or hackers especially.

    Lets get to the real thing I got banned a lot like 27 times but not on premium servers or mod-packs servers it is all on the cracked servers three years ago when i didn't have Minecraft mostly hacking for crying a lot that I didn't have Minecraft.

    I prefer myself as a gamer it is better.
    I love swimming learning new stuff but never completing them xD.

    Story :

    Will my brother was watching youtubers all the day non-stop and one time he saw one playing yeab you guessed it right Minecraft hew was like hyped since our PC doesn't allow a lot of games to play on it so he told me he want to download it at that time there was a launcher for cracked users called ext*** launcher (I won't continue since it is a virus now) so I downloaded it and I was hyped to the game too so I played it for like 2 years or more I don't remember exactly but I think it is 3 then i got a free account a friend gave it to me he didn't want at all an here I am DeadTuberGaming..... How did I get into Minecraft wow what a story !?!

    My favorite mods are :
    2-Refined Storage in EnderIO
    3-SkyFacory3 Modpack
    4- DireWolf20 Modpack

    For the bans I ask admins for a rethinking about it because it was 8 month since last time using hacks.

    I think that is it thanks for taking time reading it :D

  • Staff

    Hello, and thank you for your interest in our server.
    Unfortunately, we do not consider users who have been banned in the last two years.
    I hope that you understand, and I wish you the best of luck in finding a server that is suitable for you.

  • @graphika ok i consider your decision thx for taking time reading it

  • As you said people who got banned in the past two years i didn't got banned in the past two years i hope reconsidering my application as this is the best server i have ever seen and i will never seen like it regards DeadTuberGaming

  • Staff

    We rarely consider users that are 16-17, as our policy is 18+
    We also do not consider people who were banned as many times as you say that you have been.
    Nor do we consider users who received their accounts from anyone other than Minecraft, as we cannot trust that you are the only one that has access to that account.

    And all of that aside, I would not consider you based on your childish attitude, both in the forums and on discord. This is a mature server, and as you say, "no kids going around and messing with game".

  • just before i got i have the full access to the account
    and if you saying a childish act it was here only not in discord thx and bye and sorry for being honest that is why i know the people always lie

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