• Hi,

    I'm 25 years of age and live in the UK.
    I found the Server on the in game public server list.

    I started with Minecraft from the early beginnings where building beach houses, temple caves and red-stone contraptions was the highlight of the game and as a creative I was hooked.
    After playing single player vanilla and modded Minecraft for quite some time I stumbled upon FTB Infinity. Here is where I first experienced modded multiplayer and I loved it. I found a server with a active communal player base. Cooperation, competition and trade was the pinnacle of play. Being a new mod pack and sever; everyone was deemed to accomplish things first, Mayors were rivaling with other towns (Towny) and recruiting players by the day, and I was pioneering to become the richest though trade and industry. Unfortunately the server grew old and the serve owner had seem to lose interest. Without a new replacement server many players and good friends parted ways to seek newer and active servers. There after two years of server play came the death of Modded Multiplayer Minecraft to me, so I took a break.

    Now with all those memories starting to recall on mass, It's time to join a new community of players and again create, have and share in the amazement, awe and awesomeness that is Minecraft and I hope you will allow me to on Stonebound.


  • Staff

    Hi CoffeeBalls, and welcome to Stonebound!
    Thanks for the application, I agree that an active and functioning community can make a big difference to Minecraft's SMP. You've been white-listed and you're welcome to join us anytime. I hope you'll find the experience you were looking for!

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