• My name is Hope, I'm 16, and from the US. I'm applying to the FTB Revelation server because I am interested in starting the modpack and would like to play in a community rather than in singleplayer. I've been playing modded Minecraft for about two years and really enjoy it because of all the variety and possibility it provides in comparison to Vanilla Minecraft. I have been banned from a server in the past, a few years back. To be completely honest I don't even remember why. But with whitelisted servers such as this one, I've never been banned from any because I realize that it's a small community and there's no need in bringing negativity into that. If there is anything you'd like to know more about or something I'm forgetting, just let me know! I hope to hear from you soon! :) -Hope

  • Staff

    Greetings, Hope!
    Thanks for your interest in joining us, I've gone ahead and added you to our white-list. Enjoy exploring the vast variety of options in FTB Revelations on our servers, with our Community. Have a good time, I'll see you around!

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