• hello im username is Epicdudeawesome or you can call me Jacob instead, im 19 from the united states of america cst (central standard time), mohron, i have been banned once because i was accused of duping when i wasnt and i have never lied. I roughly got into minecraft in late 2012, ive been playing modded for about 4-5 years, one of my all time favorite mods is dartcraft :'( sadface is didnt continue as dartcraft after 1.6.4, some of my hobbies are drumming, playing guitar and cooking but for awhile now ive been looking for a smaller closed server to play on because of the majority of server have block lag or other issues with the server running, ive always noticed the smaller and tighter the community is means less griefing and smoother, friendlier server.

    Hoping to join you guys in game sincerely Jacob

  • Staff

    Thank you for your interest in our server.
    Upon further review, it seems that there is some difference in information between what you have told us and what we have found.
    Unfortunately we will have to decline your application for this reason, I hope you understand.
    We wish you the best in finding a new server.

  • may i asked what the difference in information was?

  • Staff

    I found multiple instances of your current age actually being 15/16 years old. We do not consider users that lie about their age, and you do not meet our age requirement of 18+.

    You are welcome to check out one of our affiliated communities that do not have a minimum age requirement:
    Tasty Node Gaming Network

  • yes sorry about the game is registered under my little brother age because he created the account with my email sorry about that, if you do not want to accept me i understand that

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