• Hey there,
    I'm Cookie_Fusion, a 20 year old Canadian looking to play some modded minecraft again! I Found out about this server on the Public list of the pack I intend to play. I Have no bans on record.

    I love playing modded minecraft. It started long ago, probably around 2013. I used to play a lot of kitchen sink packs however I found myself setting the same goals time and time again. I have found playing questing packs to be much more fun!

    I do have a friend or two who may be applying as well and joining me :D

  • Staff

    Hey Cookie!

    Nice to meet you, nothing wrong with a good kitchen sink pack every now and then, however I do agree with you that quest books help keep my interest on packs a lot longer.

    You should enjoy Continuum, It can be seen as quite grindy but with a friend or two it's very rewarding.

    I've gone ahead and added you to the whitelist, welcome to the community! :)


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