• name: orangepeel_
    age: 25
    country: Canada 🇨🇦
    how I found you: the public server list

    I like to play Minecraft to relax and unwind while I listen to podcasts or audiobooks. Right now I’m listening to Bad Blood (the Theranos story) by John Carreyrou. I have a few servers that I’ve played on with friends, but most of the time no one is online so it gets lonely. I’m looking for a bigger community.

    My favourite things to do in Minecraft are farming, solar power, decorating my house, and building transportation systems. On a previous server, I tunnelled underneath the ground for thousands of blocks and laid track to build a subway system. All the bases on the server (which didn’t have a warp feature) were connected by the subway. I also built a system of canals to allow for quick boat transport.

  • Helper

    Hey orangepeel,
    thanks for your interest, I've added you to our whitelist. I can assure you that it won't get lonely so quickly over here, at least if you play the pack that is most popular in our community. Enjoy playing on Stonebound!

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