• Occasional player, where i play after work for a few months, then take a break.
    Looking to join your server so I can play from a hotel while I'm out of town with work. I build powerplants, mills, an such in real life. So creating a small base solo or with a small group while respecting others comes natural as a gaming hobby, an how i got into minecraft an the tech mods.

    List of information you want:
    Age - 32
    Found server thru public server list. also seemed to have the best ping.
    tick rate small- I stay in a certain chunk areas. Don't have items transfer to another chunk.
    I am a minimalist in life an apply the same to a build. Storing set-ups that are no longer in use, redesign to minimize footprint ( while not overloading one chunk), ect.
    Drama - I play to get away from llamas
    Spamming - I don't like talking in public chat unless its for trade ( item, material, or information) however I usually try to figure it out my self, be it google, trial an error. chat is a last resort.
    English -my grammar is aweful, but passes as english.
    Handouts -i'm not really interested in single player
    5 sentences - as long as a sentence fragment counts i'm good there

    Think that's all the information that was asked, more then happy to answer any other questions about joining.

  • Staff

    Hey Wukes, thanks for your application.
    You've been whitelisted to our servers, sorry for the wait! ;)

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