• Age: 17
    Country: United States
    How I Found You: scrolling through lists of servers
    History of bans or lying about my age: None, this would be the first server that I would be a part of. And I don't really see the point in lying about my age.

    First off, I have peen playing videogames for as long as I remember. Whether I am playing a FPS or just a chill game like Minecraft I always have a good time and try to stay on everybody's good side. I have never been part of a server before, but I am very excited to try one out. Outside of the electronical world, I go snowboarding, hike, and hang with friends. I want to join the server because I love the idea of confrontation and cooperation between different players on the server. The mere fact that I can play this mod with other people gets me excited and extremely hyped! I hope you consider my application even though I don't meet your 18 years of age policy. I would love to join you all, thanks!

  • Staff

    Hey Piggy,
    thanks for your interest, you've been added to the white-list!
    In case you were interested in joining our FTB Revelations Server, be aware that we will be resetting its Map within the next week. Stay tuned for further announcements, so you don't have to start over right away. Otherwise I hope you enjoy playing with our community, see you around!

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