• Age: 25
    Country: United States
    How you found us:
    History of bans or lying about your age: None that I know of, I play MC on and off mostly so I try not to create any bad blood with people I don't know.

    My fiance introduced me to Minecraft back in the beta, but I never really got into it until FTB was a thing. I enjoy the break it gives from competitive games and helps me relax a bit. I do enjoy playing other games but I don't have any specific genre I prefer. Outside of gaming i'll play sports with friends, mostly Tennis and Basketball. I was looking for a server to join that wasn't incredibly large and hosted the newer revelations that I've been wanting to try out, I hope to play with you all soon.

  • Staff

    Hey Nukam, thanks for your application!
    I've added you to our Whitelist, so you can start playing on our servers right away. However, I'd like to inform you that within the next week the Revelations server will have its map reset, due to the big changes that came with the new version of the pack. Don't worry, map resets aren't very common on our servers, but If you don't want to start over after a few days, make sure to stay in touch with our announcements. There should be one coming out within the next week.
    Thanks again, and have fun playing with our community!

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