• Age 28
    Country United States of America

    Greetings from the U.S. Hello my name is Luca and i'm extremely interested on becoming a member of your server, especially because of the fact that it has mods installed like Feed The Beast. So usually I play Minecraft quite a bit but lately I noticed a few friends of mine had disappeared from our usual server and ended up here. I asked them where they went and they said they switched over to this server saying things like "dude this servers so much better than yours" and "check out this new server" so I decided that I would hop over to see what this is all about. On my old server me and my friends messed around and built bases for fun and every now and then we'd make some secret bunkers and have a face off which would usually end by one of us discovering the others base and blowing it to high hell. Other then building bases I like to create challenging machines using redstone and I don't mind a PvP face off every now and then, otherwise I just chill and chat with friends while we try to accomplish a self set goal. Personally i'm not that much of a talkative person so I tend to keep most of my interactions with my friends so it was a little embarrassing to write this considering how I still play Minecraft. Nevertheless to wrap this up I would like to join your server so I can continue to mess around with my friends and share a couple laughs here and there and have a fun time altogether.

  • Hello Luca! Thank you for your interest in our community.
    You have been whitelisted. Welcome and have fun! :D

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