• Hello,
    Username: WelshGirl001
    My Age: 18

    I found about this server from a friend of mine who also goes by the name of Quarzade, She told me that it was a great server with great people. I've only recently got into playing modded since, I have only now got a PC that can run it :P. I can build many of structures from houses to windmills (Simple Ik). And should I say, I tried to start a server myself, but failed, I did not have the right knowledge and I didn't have the right skills to start it, I had people join it to test what it was like, but again I failed since it was a Vanilla server and lets be honest, vanilla minecraft is rubbish :P, Welp thanks for reading :)

  • Staff

    Hey WelshGirl001!

    Welcome to Modded Minecraft! There are plenty of people around who appreciate aesthetics in their builds :P

    We fairly recently opened up a Continuum server, I'd recommend giving that a shot if you want a quest based pack, might help guide you /gently/ into modded mc!

    See you around!