• Hello!

    My IGN is xBigesz. I wanna join your Infinity Skyblock server.
    I'm 16 years old and I'm from Hungary. I'm learning economy in my school in Hungary.
    Recently I played modded minecraft but the server where I played had problems with the population.
    I wanna try out this modded skyblock because its a big challange and try out myself in this world :)
    I can be on the server in the afternoons and evenings when i have time or not playing with CS:GO.
    Ohh and of course I have found the server on reddit : /r/feedthebeastservers/

  • Staff


    Welcome to the server!
    I've gone ahead and whitelisted you, and I hope that you enjoy playing with us.

    A few of us on the server also enjoy some CS:GO every once in a while.
    I just finished my Operation Wildfire gold coin, actually. ;)

  • Wow! That was fast, thanks! :D

    I havent bought it cuz of things, but congratz! :)

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