• Hi, I'm BrutalDepression, but feel free to call me Mike. I am 16, however, some friends and acquaintances of mines consider me mature for my age, some even might say I act like an adult at times. I currently live in the United States of America. A friend of mine stumbled upon this group while browsing through possible modded servers to play on. I haven't been banned and I hope it will stay that way. On Minecraft, I usually grind and kill mobs. I really haven't put in much time for total automation or delve into the magics, if the modpack contains such mods.
    I first found Minecraft through my friends when I was in the fifth grade. Back then, they all had the pocket edition version of it. They were all addicted to it and I slowly became a victim of it as well. Now, I didn't get the chance to enjoy the mobile Minecraft but I did get to fully experience the blocky world of mining and crafting on a simple laptop when I was in the seventh grade, I believe. I went to Gamestop and bought the game, I was joyful and excited.
    My favorite mod might have to be Tinker's Construct. It might not be world-changing, but it brings a wider variety of tools and weapons to slice through wood and flesh. For such an underrated mod, surpassed by mods like Twilight Forest and sovereign space-related mods, it is wonderfully made and the mechanics are simple to understand and fun to use.
    I am an amateur guitar player, I'm still taking lessons on it right now. I'm not the best at it but I still enjoy playing the guitar very much. I believe that music is an escape to a different world, like how books and gaming does. I like different genres of music, some even are contradictory to each other. I like the blood pumping, heart thumping, and the fist-pumping genre of hard rock and metal, such artists would be Volbeat and Skillet. I like the smooth melody and fine guitar shredding of European heavy metal, like Amaranthe and Delain. I like some catchy pop tunes, like Katy Perry (occasionally). Last but not least, I love listening to the sad songs that plague the teenage years and sometimes even the grown-up years. With acts such as Green Day's 21 Guns and Stone Sour's Through the Glass, it's obvious why sad songs are relatable and are poetic in a way.
    Oi, I might have written a tad bit too much.

  • Staff

    Thank you for your interest in our server!
    We've gone ahead and added you to the whitelist.
    We hope you enjoy playing with our community. :)

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