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    My name is Jack, I'm 17, been playing modded Minecraft variants for the last few years or so, vanilla prior to that totaling about ~3ish years.

    Currently still in P16 schooling, taking A levels in the rural county of Buckinghamshire for, unfortunately, the next year and a half.

    I've been wanting to mess around in modded MC. for a while, seeing as the last 'proper' play through i had was with the ATlauncher pack of magic world, I've had my fair share of modded MC. but i haven't touched it recently, so things like the "new" AE and stuff like immersive engineering catch my eye after finding you on /r/feedthebeastservers.

    Would love to get the chance to actually get back into modded MC with a close-nit group casually, and I look forward to hearing back.

    Minecraft User: maskj003

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    Hello, and thank you for your interest in our server!
    I've gone ahead and whitelisted you.

    Right now is an excellent time to get back into the scene, as Infinity Evolved Skyblock will really push you to learn a lot of the newer mods.
    I look forward to playing with you on the server, and hope to see you soon!

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