• Hi Stonebound Staff,

    Have been banned in the past. If it's okay, can explain privately on Discord.
    Older than 18 years old for a bunch of years now.
    I'm from Western Australia (UTC+8)

    Started playing Minecraft in Alpha where a friend and I ran a server together where player bases were linked together with minecart boosters. We had a small community, some of which are still friends to this day.
    Modded minecraft has been a real adventure. (Rarely play vanilla anymore XD).
    Used to only play single player or with friends on private servers.
    Over 2 years ago I joined the Breakin' Blocks minecraft community (first modded public server) on a whim, specifically looking for a server with RotaryCraft.
    Head about this server from said community, where some have already joined Stonebound!

    My interest in Minecraft, and especially Modded Minecraft relates to my interest in sandbox games and systems design (my first computer game was Garry's Mod where I enjoyed playing Spacebuild and with Wiremod).
    I enjoy playing both magic and tech mods. Quite slow to actually finish a pack.
    Favorite magic mods are Ars Magica, Aura Cascade, Astral Sorcery, Blood Magic, ChromatiCraft.
    Favorite tech mods are Mekanism, RotaryCraft, RFTools.
    Favorite other mods are Applied Energistics, Logistics Pipes, OpenComputers/ComputerCraft, Super Circuit Maker, Integrated Dynamics and Psi (kinda magical).

    Outside (or inside of too) Modded Minecraft, my passion is programming.
    Tried my hand at modding in the past, but haven't made a completed a mod that I'm totally happy with yet (someday...).
    I enjoy reading code and understanding how it works or even just exploring for the root causes of bugs through static reasoning.

    Thank you,

  • Helper

    Hey BlueAgent,
    thanks for the application and your honesty. I've gone ahead and added you to our white-list, enjoy playing modded with our community!

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