• Age: 15

    Country: TX, USA

    How you found us: I have been searching many modded servers for quite a while, each being either too laggy or being griefed. I have noticed your server countless of times so I am thinking that I could atleast give my try to join in.

    History of bans: I have been banned on a server called "ATRminecraft" for my friend not paying a corrupt owner (more explained in the Past Communities section).

    Past Communities: I was in 2 different white-listed communities before. The first white-listed community was called "ATRminecraft," It was quite the server, The server had a really corrupt owner that would not even listen to you unless you have spent money on his server and has been really rude to other people by removing other people's bases to make room for his base or to "extend the protection limit." My friend had a bit of an argument with the owner and was offered to work as co-owner which he did where he fixed the server really well. After revamping most of the server, fixing permissions, and configuring the server to work out for everyone, he was to pay the owner a great deal of money or else he would be perma-banned. He obviously picked not choosing to pay the corrupt owner, this got me, him, and his children all banned. We all moved to another white-listed community, this was known as Umbracraft. A nice greeted server and was arguable one of the best server-experiences I have had. The server decided to change its modpack to a more beefy one which sliced the community in half because a great deal of people could not run the modpack, they changed the modpack again which was at a bad time since almost everybody by now has left the community to do other things. The server was also offline for a couple of months for reasons I dont either remember or know. From all my past communities, I have had a good reputation with countless of friends along that journey.

    Skill level: I would say I know my way around many mods (specifically ones that are pretty old). I am learning new mods like Astrology.

    Favorite mod: Botania, I have been getting into Botania a lot more and I have noticed how fun the mod is, I also like the baubles that you can make.

    Weakness I find in myself: The weakness I find when it comes to modded Minecraft would be my speed when it comes to progression in modded Minecraft. I would not say it is too terrible but it could be considered in the slow side of things

    Personality: I personally do not like giving complements about myself because I feel like they dont mean as much compared to another person. I am willing to help the best I can to other people that do not understand a mod. Like I have said, I have held a good reputation across many servers and people tell me that I am pretty nice and fun to play with.

    I can say now is to hope I can join what seems to be a great community. :)

  • Staff

    Thank you for your interest in our server.
    Unfortunately, we will have to decline your application, as we only consider users who are 16+.
    You are welcome to reapply when you turn 16.
    We wish you the best of luck in finding a more suitable server, here might be a good place to start :)

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