• Age - 18
    Location-Ohio United States
    found-Through the Continuim "Public" servers even though it is whitelisted lol
    Never been banned on any server before, I also haven't lied about my age because that's just dumb.

    About me

    I first started playing Minecraft around 2010 when the nether first was launched and have played ever since but recently haven't played as much due to good servers dying off, but i think this server has what I am looking for. I am also a very generous person in game like if someone asked for diamonds ore something and i have enough to spare though the rules state people shouldent ask for items i wont ask for much if someone wants to trade them. I also am a pretty decent builder though it is never my main focus,I also am an artist outside of games currently attending college at Ohio State, I also don't only play Minecraft i play a variety of different games from Overwatch to Skyrim.

  • Staff

    Hi Lillie,
    you have a point, but I wouldn't call this a 'private' server, either. ;)
    Thanks for your application, I've gone ahead and added you to our white-list.

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