• Hello my name is dragonaslin and i have been playing ftb off and on since the beginning and have enjoyed the journey so far. I am writing to you to not exactly join your community due to the fact that i am already part of a community that has a rule against joining other communities. I hope i can just get whitelisted so i can join your server to play with a mature group of players. I am from canada myself and is also another reason for me wanting to join this server. My age is 32 so if your looking for mature you have to look no further and i don't come with any interest to cause any drama at all. I found your server when i wanted to get back into ftb after a small break and found it under the multiplayer function server list within the ftb launcher itself. I have no bans and if you look me up will see that i was an admin on another server so i understand this process completely. My favorite things to do in minecraft is usually magic magic mods but have recently got into the tech packs to better myself as an all around MC player. In real life i am a mechanic and love fixing cars..... well most, the european stuff is a pain lol. I also enjoy all types of gaming and try to play as much as i can. I hope you can bring your self to allow me to play with you without actually joining the community. If this is an ubsered request then it was a pleasure to meet you and i wish you well. Hope to here fro you soon.

  • Staff

    Hi dragonaslin,
    thanks for your interest in (sortof?) joining us. Either way you're welcome to play with us on the server. What kind of community wouldn't let you join any others? Anyway, white-listed, enjoy!

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