• Age: 35
    Country: USA -EST
    How did you find us: I used to play on stonebound before the great disappearance, just recently learned ya'll were back! I recognize some names around here!
    Have you ever been banned before: No
    Have you ever lied about your age: No
    Favorite mod: Overall? Probably Thaumcraft. It was the first mod I ever encountered (when i first learned about modding) that made me go 'WHOA ARE YOU SERIOUS.' I've branched out since into many mods via kitchen sink packs, and enjoyed most if not all of them in some capacity. Even the weird ones.

    Glad to see SB is back, I enjoyed my time here before!

  • Helper

    Hey Ice,
    thanks for the application and welcome back! We're happy to have you joining us again, you're white-listed.

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