• Age 20, United States, referred to by a friend, once banned from a Pixelmon server 5 years ago for posting a url in the chat while attempting to explain type matchups. An apology was given by me, and the ban was soon removed. I got into Minecraft... heck, it's already been 7 years since a friend from middle school showed it to me and I got almost instantaneously hooked. My, how time flies! I've been playing Minecraft off and on since then on several now-broken PCs, Wii U, and Switch. Pixelmon aside, this will actually be my first real time sitting down and playing Minecraft with mods. Thus, I guess I don't really have much of an opinion on mods in general. I also really like JRPGs like Final Fantasy and Xenoblade Chronicles.

  • Staff

    Hey Glunkbot,
    you've been white-listed, enjoy delving into the mods on our servers!

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