• Hey guys! I'm applying for the white list to play continuum,

    Age: Older than 18
    Country: USA
    How did you find us: I used to be whitelisted when I played on the server 2 years ago and there is a different forum set up because my old forum log ins don't work.

    I guess I should catch up, well I've not been banned since I played here last, and as for lying about my age... I don't admit to being a day over 25, and we'll leave it at that. In between I've gotten married, started a new career, purchased a new home AND.....adopted my very own tiny pup, a mini schauzer mix named Maggie. My husband has sabotaged her training, so now she thinks she's Xena; Warrior Princess.

    I still love minecraft 6 years after I made my first purchase, with FTB Infinity Evolved Expert being my all time favorite modpack. I'm waiting on more modpacks including Mr Crayfish because decor is important people.

    Anyways looking forward to playing with again

  • Staff

    Hey Gennie,
    you've been white-listed, sorry you had to reapply and welcome back!

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