• Age (statement): I am at least 30 years old as of the date that I post this. As I value my RL privacy I would prefer to not state my actual age publicly as it can be used to narrow down a real identity; if absolutely required I'll reply to a mod about further details.

    Current Country: USA

    How you found us: I was asking if anyone knew of Continuum servers, since most of my friends that used to play Minecraft have moved on.

    History - Bans: To the best of my knowledge, I have never been banned from a Minecraft server.

    History - Age: I do usually leave off things like the month and day of month (or substitute other values) when applying to services which might misuse my data; I've been more than old enough for that to not matter in legal contexts (which is all that value should be //required// by) for a good while. Technically that's lying. I'd prefer if there were anonymous cryptographic methods which could be used to validate 'of age' without revealing any other personal information.


    How I got in to Minecraft:
    Years ago, it was one of the few games that actually ran on Linux. I bought it because I both wanted a game to play (it seemed like my type of game) and because I felt the need to justify (to myself) the graphics hardware I was buying at the time in the hope of supporting hundreds of open tabs. While I grew bored of Minecraft around the end of the Beta period, a friend introduced me to modded in the early 'release' days. I remember having shell scripts that unpacked, modified, and re-packed the mods in to the .jar file... It was annoying getting even a couple mods to work together and block ID conflicts had to be manually resolved... those days were the bad old days ;p

    I also have tended to run my own servers or use a different tech savvy friend's server. Though I have played on better known public servers before (IIRC it was called Nishcraft at the time, I wanted to see how well the bucket based mod server worked - there were some bugs based on how it implemented support for mods doing things, and the pipes I preferred (Redpower) ended up having back-stuffing issues that I only found out about well after everyone moved on).

    Favorite Mods:
    Since 1.7 I generally prefer to have at least one of (in alphabetical order) EnderIO, Immersive Engineering, Thermal * (the suite) in a mod pack; IE needing to also have at least one other mod that moves items around. If I had to be pinned down on one //mod// for Minecraft though it would be Forge Mod Loader, since it and Forge (with the underpinning of the even lower modding tools that I can't recall the names of offhand) have helped to banish the worst of the bad old days to the past.

    Real Life:
    I like to get in to Minecraft to escape from the less achievable things in real life.

  • Staff

    Hello mjevans,
    thank you for your application! You've found us right on time, the FTB Continuum server opens later today. Enjoy playing with the community on Stonebound, I'll see you around!

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