• I got started in Minecraft during Beta as a friend introduced the game to me in real life. Considering security of age is a common question to be asked in banking questions or the like I'll specify that it's slightly over 30. That way robots when they scan for that sort of information in a phishing attempt will find a wrong number. I'll happily private message you an exact age if required. I can show you account migration date but not sure what evidence you ask for as far as age is concerned. If you have a discord can happily talk or like too. I am from the United States.

    My favorite mod has to be not a single one as I got tired of vanilla Minecraft a while back while they were focused on porting it. I learned much of spigot servers at that point, but prefer to play ftb revelations now as I like exploring the unknown. I've found even vanilla has had many changes since I began playing and remember the old worlds not being compatible and infinite lava and water with the lava being removed. I'm not sure when that change happened, but I wanted to play with the new mods of revelation and possibly even look at trying and exploring the unknown. I watched some videos on ftb revelation highlighting tinkers and that had sparked my interest once more and instead of playing single player I thought it best to play a mod with as many angles as it has with a group on a server. I saw yours on a public listing, and that's how I found it. The other server I tried was fairly dead and some people's claims were too close to spawn. I like exploring, and I somehow find myself mining a lot but that's part of why I liked revelation mods as it has quarry miners for automating a lot and reducing time spent digging to time building which I feel I want to focus more on.

    As for other hobbies, I play and dm 5th edition dungeons and dragons. I currently run 2 sessions a week. My group is playing Tomb of Annhilation at the moment and the other is playing through X Marks the Spot. I like games that help you think and plan and some of the tech mods that FTB has put out recently seems they fit a scratch that I've had. I have run a spigot server before, but I didn't want to try to spin up a server and recruit when I can join one that already exists like these. My goal was to play cooperatively with people. I'll be fairly new to revelations but I have at the moment figured out Pam's Apiary and know Tinkers at this point well enough that I know what to find. I'm not well versed in the Astral Sorc mod, nor most of the other mods, I do know how the battery cells and that are and well I'd like to see where things are and how I can help.

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    Hey Lyricsofshadow,

    thanks for the application and introducing yourself. I've added you to our white-list, so you can get started right away! Enjoy meeting the community and discovering the Mods on our servers. See you around!

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