• Greetings!!
    I am 35, live in Missouri, USA and am interested in playing on one of your servers. I found your community via the ftb server lists while browsing and looking for a server to play on. I have never been banned from any community or server, that I know of, and have no reason to lie about my age.

    I have been playing modded minecraft for almost as long as i have been playing vanilla, i loved vanilla but needed more and modded supplied that extra something i was looking for. I have had several favorite mods through the versions of minecraft, I would say currently, as of 1.12.2, I am particularly fond of Psi, thought I am not the best at creating effects with it yet. I also really like Immersive Engineering, the look of some of the machines and things are really nice. Also Tinker's is a long time favorite. First introduced when I ran a Hexxit server. I am generally familiar with a vast array of mods.

    I enjoy playing on a server that is small, 5 - 10 players usually, enough to chat with when I am feeling chatty yet not so many that I feel I have to keep up with the chat log the entire time instead of working on my projects. I am not a huge builder/architect type, I am quite okay with a hole in the ground, I have had large builds that i have focused on before, however the servers i had them on would often reset the map before i could complete or shortly thereafter completing so i try to stay away from those unless i know for sure that i can keep my build for a while.

    Hopefully I have provided a decent background of myself and look forward to chatting and playing with everyone soon, if you'll have me that is!! :D

  • Staff

    Greetings to you, Grotts!
    Thanks for your application, I've added you to our white-list. We usually only reset or close servers once we're 100% sure that everyone has moved on from it, so that won't be a problem. ;) Otherwise I hope you'll have a good time here with the community, see you around!

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