• age, your current country, how you found us, and any history of bans or lying about your age.

    Country: USA
    How I found you:
    Previous bans: None
    MC History: Been playing Minecraft on and off for the last 6+years, most of which has been modded. My favorite mods are EnderIO, Thermal Expansion/Foundation/Etc, and TiCon.
    Why I want to join: I want to join because I find that playing MC alone isn't as much fun, as the community aspect of MC makes it more worthwhile, and I feel playing with other people gives me more motivation to keep expanding my base and such. From the first glance, Stonebound looks to be a good community and a fun place to play on.
    RL Info: I'm an accounting student IRL, and my other hobbies/favorite games include snowboarding, playing League, biking, and cooking.

  • GL mate! I'm waiting too :P

  • Staff

    Hey Alex,
    I agree, playing on a server feels a lot different to plain singleplayer. We're happy to have you joining us, I've put you on the white-list! Hope you enjoy playing on Stonebound, see you around!

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