• Age: 17
    Country: USA
    Reference: Google, Research on community servers
    History: No bans, as I am usually the one to report people :?
    About Me: I've been playing Minecraft for about 5-7 years or so, off and on. I typically play in binges, but have been going steady for a few months now.
    Why I want to Join: Just getting into the Revelation modpack, as I've been really into the older FTB Monster. But with a 3y/o modpack, I need some change. Ive played for a few hours or so on a public server, but got griefed and mods do not give a single shit. I would really like a community oriented server to learn (and importantly, play) on. I hope to see you in a few hours!!!
    Other things: I live in New Orleans and am about to move to Ruston, LA to attend Louisiana Tech for cyber engineering. I ride a bicicle with a lawnmower engine that I modified for that use. Also peep my electric unicyicle. Becoming legal in 2 months 😮 Isnt that scary!

    Look forward to joining you guys ^.^


  • Helper

    Hello Psi,
    thanks for your application, I've gone ahead and added you to the white-list. Enjoy playing on our servers and meeting the community. Looking forward to having you around!

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