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    I discovered your server on the Public Server list in the Minecraft client. I was searching for a whitelisted FTB Revelation community with a professional looking website and some history. Stonebound ticked those boxes for me.

    I've been playing Minecraft since the Alpha, one of my earliest memories was a tight-knit whitelisted community called "City of Islands". Back then Minecraft was a bit of a buggy mess, the zombies couldn't hurt you but instead hugged you, the top half and the bottom half of a door would sometimes open independently of the other, and when they added exploding creepers my whole town looked like a warzone. Despite that, I still remember that as some of my best days in Minecraft. Later, when I discovered modded Minecraft, I remember spending hours watching Yogscast and playing on the server "SGTekkit". It led me deep down the rabbit hole and now I find it impossible to go back to vanilla Minecraft.

    In the past, I've hosted my own servers for myself and friends to play on. Lately though, I feel like I'd rather use an already established server like Stonebound and save myself a bit of effort and money.

    I also have one friend I wish to play with, I hope she can get whitelisted as well.


  • Staff

    Hey Kulawend!
    Thanks for your interest and application, I've gone ahead and added you to our white-list (sorry for the wait). Of course we're happy to have your friend join as well, after they've put in a little application too. Hope you'll enjoy playing with our community, see you around!

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