• Hey Hey,
    My names Shanae Lynam (diabolicalqueen is my ign), I am 16 years old (17 this year) and I am from Australia. I found this server through searching for a server on the new Horizons3 modpack, saw this one and thought it was a very professional cool server and here I am now applying to be on it! I don't have any bad pasts with servers, except for my best friends server which I messed around with her on which led her to ban me from for about 2 days (this was years ago) haha. I love minecraft and have been playing it for as long as I can remember which makes me very good at all of the vanilla aspects of minecraft, but now with me exploring new modpacks I am looking for a new creative outlet. Just looking for a nice community to help me out with learning how to use new mods and also to hopefully make new friends. I usually have to play footy (AFL) on the weekends so I wont be able to play until late at night but I am pretty sure with the time difference it wouldn't really matter. If chosen I will be a very active member of the community able to be on most days for several hours (changes with school being a priority). Hopefully I have enough information here to give you guys a good understanding of what type of player I would be on your server, if you have any questions or need to contact me I am on discord.

  • Staff

    Hello Shanae,
    thank you for your application, we are happy to have you joining us! The thing is, our Horizons world was taken offline several months ago, so I'm afraid you will have to pick one of the packs listed here instead. In case you're still interested in our community you can have a go at one of those, you've been white-listed to all of our servers.
    Sorry for the disappointment, hope you'll have a fun time here anyway.
    See you around!

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