• Hello! My username's nicolyo (no caps) :)

    Age: 26
    Country: USA
    Reference: A friend on your server - Xirema
    History: No bans or anything significant. Would people normally admit if they were banned somewhere before?

    About Me:
    I've been playing Minecraft for about 5-7 years or so, off and on. I typically play in binges, but am interested in finding a community/server where I can consistently play. I usually just play Vanilla or with limited server-side plugins. I prefer economy servers and worlds with objectives and goals, something that drives you to success and completion but still lets you be creative enough to have a unique path to get to the end.

    My favorite thing about Minecraft is literally when I have a list of things to do/build/create and every time I make something, there's more that opens up. I'd like to explore bigger modpacks so I can get a sense of other possibilities that exist within Minecraft, which is one reason I'm brought to this server. Another of course, is my friend. :)

    Other non MC related things:

    I live in Chicago and am a project manager for a technology company. When I'm not working, I'm chilling with my cat and talking to friends on Discord while playing games. I play a lot of Overwatch, getting back into WoW for BfA, and recently have picked Stardew Valley back up to prepare for the multiplayer release. I use two screens so I can Netflix while I play!

    Look forward to joining you guys ^.^


  • Will definitely vouch for Nicolyo: they are a very fun, cordial person to play with.

  • Staff

    Hello Nico,
    thank you for your application, of course we'll be happy to have you join us!
    Regarding people mentioning their bans, well, the question is simply an opportunity for players to be honest about (or to justify) recent bans, since its usually fairly easy to find out whether they've actually been banned somewhere regardless.
    I am a big fan of Stardew Valley, too! But the last time I played was ages ago, and I don't think the massively delayed Multiplayer will bring back many people to the game, sadly. But the game always reminded me of the relaxed side of Minecraft, which sometimes gets a bit forgotten in modded. Anyway, sorry for the rambling.
    You're white-listed, see you around!

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