• Hi,
    I'm Uplinked and I'm 16 years of age currently living in Sydney, Australia.

    I've been playing Vanilla for over 6 years coming on 7, but finally taking the jump to modded after a friend of mine recommended it. I play a selection of games including but not limited to Unturned, Rust, Counter Strike etc. I am currently a part of the staff team on a Skyblock server with a player base of over 1k players daily. (Dailymc.net) I hope this doesn't limit me from being accepted into this community to join my friend AnfieldYNWA who has played on your servers since 2016. I hope to learn and grow as a modded play within this community as from what I've learned from Anfield, this server is incredibly honest and welcoming.

    I appreciate your time in reviewing my application.


  • Staff

    Hey Uplinked!

    Thanks for your application, you're welcome to join our modded servers and play with your friend and of course our community. Apologies for the delay, see you around!

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