• Hey there!

    I'm 26 and I'm from California; I go by Tibbers for short. I found y'all by searching the FTB servers website for a close-knit, whitelisted server. The only ban I've ever gotten was from a large server some friends and myself were on some 3 or 4 years ago, I can't remember. Basically our base was horrifically griefed and items stolen but the mods on that server completely ignored us so I found those jerks and filled their base with lava. Didn't actually do any damage because firespread was off but I finally got a mod to pay attention to me. I've had a distaste for large public servers ever since.

    I've always liked making things and expressing creativity and since I can't paint or draw I got into Minecraft. Bought the game when Endermen were added; I played the basic free version online briefly before that. My favorite mod is Thaumcraft- wish it was updated ffs. Twilight Forest was my favorite back in the day before the progression/objective stuff was added.

    As for real-life me: I'm into politics and history- I'm a communist. I like to read fantasy, sci-fi, and history. I play plenty of other games but I tend to play strategy and RPGs the most. My favorite current TV shows are Game of Thrones, Rupaul's Drag Race, Man in the High Castle, Supernatural, and American Gods. I work as a manager at Taco Bell, and the rest of my free time I spend in existential dread!

    Hope that was enough and thanks for the consideration.

  • Helper

    Hey Tibbers!

    Thanks so much for your application and introducing yourself so overtly, we're happy to have you join our community.
    Feel free to hop on anytime and any server - I hope this is what you've been looking for and that you enjoy your time with us.
    Have a good one, see you around!

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