• Username(Also Real Name):GabrielGermano
    I Found The Server on The In Game FTB Revelation Servers List
    My Favorite Mod is Thermal Expansion
    I Have Never Been Banned From Any Server That i Have Played Or Lied in Any Form
    I Been Playing Minecraft For About 4-5 Years Now But i Only Come to Know About Mods Half of This Time.I Just Finished My I.T Course And I've Learned Some Coding in There And im Trying to Put That Knowledge in Action Learning Some Minecraft Modding. Im Aways Trying to Learn a New Programming Language Its Been My Main Hobby at the Moment and Playing CS:GO.Love To Watch Movies And Listen to Music From Rock to Funk(Brazilian). Been Looking For a Good Server For Some Time And i Have Choosed This one Because it Looks Exactly What Im Looking For.

  • Staff

    Hi Gabriel,
    thanks for your interest, you've been added to our white-list.
    Have fun playing in our community!

  • thank you so much dude really appreciate to be part of the server community !

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