• I'm currently 18 and live in Canada. I found this server on the server postings page. I currently have 2 bans on record from about 5-6 years ago, things have changed drastically, I have matured significantly since those days.

    Minecraft (Especially modded minecraft) has always been that one game I've always found myself coming back to despite having interest in other games such as ARK or PubG. I first got into FTB with the Monster / Ultimate packs. I remember grinding for HOURS to get those ultimate hybrid solar panels. My favorite mod has got-to-be applied energistics however. Being able to create a digital warehouse for your millions of cobblestone and automating everything from item collection to even crafting is amazing. I'm currently first year university studying my Bachelors of Science, whenever I'm not in class or training for power-lifting competitions I'm usually behind the screen playing games and chatting with friends. I much prefer white-listed communities as they provide a sort of assurance that the people you're playing with are just as dedicated as you, and you don't have to deal with the general immaturity and game-ruining lag associated with public FTB servers. I hope to become a part of your community as I believe I am a good fit for the type of applicants you are looking for.


  • Staff

    Hey Dev,
    thanks for your interest in joining us in our community, you've been added to our white-list.
    Hope you have a good time playing on our servers, see you soon!

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