• My username was meant to be Candle, but it was taken. Only realized it probably reads as "candie" after I changed it and when I tried to change it to "Candl3", it was too late and I have to wait 30 days to change it again, so yeah, it's "Candle", not "Candie".

    Anyway, I found the server by googling ftb servers.
    Can't remember what site it was on but I filtered by the number of players because usually the smaller ones are better and have less rules.
    I don't really like how most MC servers have towny/no pvp/no griefing enabled, in my eyes it completely eradicates the multiplayer survival experience but I can understand why some would want a more chill time.

    Little bit about myself, I'm 18, from the UK, I play guitar, listen to 80's/90's grunge rock and I like philosophy.
    Just reinstalled Minecraft after a few years away from it because I finally got a new laptop I think can run it at an fps higher than 2, haha.

    I suppose my favourite mods would be that old bee mod? the one where you can make bee hives and make bee farms to get honey and a ton of other stuff with the bees? thaumcraft, equivalent exchange 2 was cool back in the day. I remember being fond of dimensional doors and that other forcefield mod? I think it had something to do with buildcraft? or the other similar energy/machine mod?

    Not that this matters but I was banned a few times back when I was 12 for calling people "assholes" because it was a "christian server", haha. I'd have appreciated it more at the time if I knew of the meme. But yeah, I'm 18, not 12 so I'm not going to get super pissed off over a video game anymore, lol. It's a free country/server.
    (I assume)

    Quick edit: Just to clarify, at the time of writing this, my Minecraft username is "Cand1e", my username on this forum is what I want to change it to in 30-odd days when I can change it back.

  • Staff

    Thank you for your interest in our server!
    We've gone ahead and added you to the whitelist.
    Apologies for the delay, and hope you enjoy playing with our community. 🙂

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