• Age: 25+
    Country: Canada
    Ban History: ---
    I found this server on the MC Public Server List

    I work full-time so for the most part my play time can sporadic, with periods of inactivity. I got into Minecraft when Indev was launched, and spent most of MC Beta into Tekkit Classic / Lite hosting servers and being active in several communities. Currently I have neither the time nor interest to head servers. My spare time is shared between World of Warcraft and research into ambient-energy collection and collecting Elements/Metal Salts.

    Do yourself a favor, look up Crystal Cell Batteries and Graphene Capacitors.

    EDIT: Thought I would add, since I left out my buildstyle, I haven't played modded or MC in general since FTB Ultimate's launch.

  • Helper

    Hey Michael,
    thanks for your application, we're more than happy to have you on board, welcome to the crew! (And sorry for the delay)
    Interesting looking topic, does your research involve a bit of practical tinkering as well? That'd be exciting to look at.
    Anyways, you're white-listed, join us anytime on the servers. See you soon!

  • Thank you very much for the approval! Just in time for my half-day off actually.

    Since you've asked, I have to manufacture a lot of the chemicals/dielectrics I require to use in experiments. Lack of a degree, and control over some of the chemicals yield them hard to come by. Iodine, Nickel Hydroxide, and Ionizing 'gases' with Alpha particles are a couple things I am currently producing. Talk to you more about it server side!

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