• Hello! My name is Tyler, people normally call my Ty, and I'd love to join the server. I'm 18 and live on the eastern coast of the United States.

    I've found this server though my friend SteadySpring who was accepted quite recently. I've been looking for a modpack (Modern Skyblock 3 was the most recent attempt) to play with him but it was nearly impossible to find a server we could both get on with a modpack we both agree on.

    I've started playing Minecraft long ago in the early betas. Back around when they added the Nether as a Halloween theme. I started getting into multiplayer MC soon after that, and modded MC back when Tekkit was only called "Technic Launcher" and it had only just came out. When it comes to actually playing on servers, around when I first started I'd often forget about and ignore chat, but over the last 4 or 5 years I often try to get as integrated with everyone as possible. You play on a server to play with other people after all,why not try to play with everyone? :) Obviously not everyone feels the same. If I ever have any issues with another player I'll just try not to bother them or get involved with them.

    When it comes to bans, I can only recall 2 temp bans I had back when there was this hacking client called nexus or something like that. I do recall there being a hotkey to enable and disable it, and you wouldn't be able to type that key in chat. The faction server I played on often had these sudo roll calls where they'd randomly call out a player and tell them to type that key in. I'd fail often as I never payed much attention to the chat back then.

    Other than that, I've been moderator on many servers, and Admin once or twice. Not really my thing if I'm honest. I'm good with enforcing rules but not so much when it comes to the plugins and admin tools there are. I'd much rather just be a friendly helper on a server.

    Now, about me a bit more. My hobby is gaming, (Big surprise I know) and I love to watch anime. I get called a weeb often but ehe, I enjoy the short stories. I've invested a lot of hours into a game called "War Thunder," by far my #1 most played game. I love war vehicles, tanks and aircraft especially, mostly from the WWII era.

    My favorite mod... Hard to say, I love so many.... After a couple minutes of thought, it's hands down Applied Energistics. (AE, AE 2, or Refined Storage which I haven't played with yet.) They can be super simple systems, or massive complex seemingly AI-like structures. Of course, I say that's my favorite mod, but I couldn't ever play without some sort of NEI/JEI mod. I'd just be so lost!

    I think that's about everything. Sorry if I've written too much. It said on the forum you guys like long applications. I hope to be joining you guys soon! :D

    Edit: As a quick note, I'm almost always on Discord and that's the easiest way to contact me if need be. I've already joined the discord server, my Discord name is Tyray3P, thank you.

  • Staff

    Thank you for your interest in our server!
    We've gone ahead and added you to the whitelist.
    And yes, we do enjoy long applications, it's much appreciated.

    I hope you enjoy playing with your friend. :)

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