• Hey there,

    I am quite experienced with minecraft in general but i am relatively new to 1.12.2, i would like to expand my knowledge of the mods available in 1.12.2 but i have yet to find a decent modpack. I hope revelations will provide that for me. I am 16 and i live in the south of the UK (I was near that nerve agent attack! :(). My personal hobbies and interests are mainly focused around Gaming but i usually dabble into photography and studying world war 2. I got into minecraft around 1.6.4 and only played vanilla back then, but when 1.7.10 released i started to explore the modding scene (i am still doing that do this day)! My favourite mod so far has to be Botania i just love the rarity of some of the items and how well detailed they are. The primus loci is also my favourite flower! (To bad its so rare :))!

    P.s I have no bans (that i am aware of) and I found your server in the "public server list" inside of the client itself (that's new to me). i love your website design! :blowfish:

    Many thanks for reading and i hope to see you on the server/discord over the coming days!


  • Staff

    Hey steadyspring8!

    Apologies about the delay, I've gone ahead and added you to the whitelist.

    Revelations is a good modpack, personally loved learning Astral Sorcery on it myself.

    Hope to see you soon!

  • Many thanks!

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