• Sup,
    names David, 28 years old from germany.

    The server i played revelations on just died and i need a new home. I am a experienced player and i like to have a smooth running server, which means i take care about not overloading chunks and using voidsacks and all those tools to prevent stress on your baby.

    Contact mostly over Discord or Steam.
    I also enjoy playing fps and i never got banned in any game ever. May be hard to believe but actually true.
    Also, here's my ESL Profile.

    There is not much to say about me really.
    I used to be soldier but i work as a postman now... nice job.
    I do alot of uninteresting educational stuff and i am pretty chill.
    Learned english around 6 years ago, im doing alright.

    Even tho im not really doing Youtube or Twitch anymore, if you want some impression on me you can check it out.
    I never really did it seriously tho. Don't intend to either.
    my Youtube

    Questions? You got my contact.

    Best Regards,

  • So i saw that you like some minecraft related informations about people, well let me try.

    I am the kind of guy that makes a 9 Chunk Box Shaped Base all the way to Bedrock and keep everything as efficient as possible. Adding multiply levels/layers that are dedicated to certain functions such as mobgrinding, autocrafting or w/e.
    Its gonna be ugly for the first few weeks, the further i progress and the more automation i got, the more time i spend into making it a little pretty up to the point in which i got everything and lay my focus on its design.
    My building style is very simple yet i like detail. I favor vanilla blocks with little FTB additions. Unfortunatly, i never take screens of minecraft and i just noticed that. I also love to play with different sources of light, doing some visualy appealing effects.

    In vanilla i used to go all medieval style. Nowadays i like some futuristic mediveval mixture that reminds of some comic villians hideout. Furthermore, i love levers, buttons and hidden stuff so i always have some 'secrets' in my base.

    Hope that sums it up for you. :]

  • Staff

    Thank you so much for such an extensive application!
    We've gone ahead and added you to the whitelist.
    Look forward to seeing you and your secret base on the server. 😉

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