• Hi there!
    I am very new to minecraft in general, my boyfriend suggested we try playing it in our spare time together. It's all very overwhelming but I have been liking designing our tiered garden and experimenting with Pam's Harvestcraft. Its kind of hard to figure out what is possible with this game so half my time is watching youtube videos that Optimist sends me.

    I am based in the USA and I am 23, studying for my postgrad. Outside of Minecraft I really enjoy subnautica and Divinity Original Sin. I've never been banned from anything in my life and it sounds stressful so I definitely will try my best not to do that.

    Thank you for your consideration!

    I am sorry if I missed something, please ask me any questions you want if I missed something!

  • Helper

    Hi Reminiscentlady,
    thanks for your application, you've been added to our white-list. I can imagine how overwhelming the modded version can be if you're still new to the game itself, but professional gardening should be fairly easy to master! Hope you two enjoy spending time with our community, see you around!

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