• Hey whats up everyone!

    I'm Riltjd, 26 years old from Barcelona (half spanish/half dutch).

    I found your page through the public server list after what seems like days of searching for a suitable server. I got into tech related minecraft about a few years back but have only recently started to play frequently again do to work. I have quite some experience with the tech and magic related mods and was hoping if i get approved to team up with some other newjoiners and crack down some of the quests. feel free to PM me if you want to team up and set up a cool base!

    Edit: i actually got into minecraft back in the pre beta days where you only had creative mode. It started as a mess around with friends and ended being one of go to games. I have helped with community projects on other server and have hosted my own servers back in the day

    No bans, or anything related. 🙂

  • Helper

    Hey Riltjd!
    Thanks for your interest and welcome to Stonebound. I've gone ahead and white-listed you to our servers. For finding yourself a group to play with it's probably best to hop on our discord channel and post something in our dedicated #lfg chat.
    Hope you enjoy playing with us, see you soon!

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