• IGN: AliLesha
    Age: 15 (Will be 16 on July 26th)
    Playtime: Modded - 1 year; Overall - 3 year
    Country: Russia
    Preference to be called by: Ali

    Greetings, I'm Ali. I found this server via this site in order to find a perfect server to play on. This one caught my eye because it's still on normal mode and the design of the website is, like, woah. I'm 15, but I already have grown out of that - yes, I already know past the adult stuff (I have seen some shiet, trust me.), but I still can be a goof sometimes. Ever since I began playing TF2 and Payday 2 less and less, I began to leak into Minecraft once again. Trust me, boredom can make you do some weird stuff over the days. Oh, and one more thing - I am unable to play solo, but I do not prefer to join the end-game players, since it kills off the urge to play. Anyways, looking forward to meeting all of you fantastic plum people. Have a nice day and thanks for taking your time to read this.


  • Upon review of your application, we have decided to accept you. Congratulations, Welcome to Stonebound.

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