• My age is 14.

    I live in the United States.

    I have found you guys in a server list that the Minecraft Revelation modpack gives as an option in the multiplayer menu.

    The only ban I had was by and auto ban system on a server. It had many servers and I was in a pvp server that you can spam click but there was a bug so the auto ban system banned me because it thought I was using a early version of Minecraft but I was using a latter version. I had lied about my age in ios games just so I can play them.

    As a Minecraft player I have probably played the game for maybe about 6 years. 4 years ago I started to get bored of playing singleplayer and then moved to where I only played multiplayer. Latter on I found about modded Minecraft and played for about a few weeks before the launchers crashed and wont open. Few years latter (To now) I found more launchers and started to find a server where I can learn them and play with others.

    How I got into Minecraft from the start was watching YouTube, and i'm still subscribed to the first person I subscribed to that day today. Then my cousin showed me the game on ios and few weeks latter I got it on a computer.

    Right now my favorite Minecraft mods are the Custom Npcs mod and the Biomes of Plenty mod, but I had not looked at that many mods yet. What I like about the Custom Npcs mod is that you can make quests, and make clans and have them fight each other. For the Biomes of Plenty I like the extra color and new landscapes where it can give you new build design ideas.

    My favorite thing to do in Minecraft is probably building, but i'm still not that good at it, I know I can do better. But i'm looking at what you can do with redstone. It might become a new favorite thing to do but don't know yet. In real life i'm looking to what I wanted to grow up to be as, programing. Programing is what I want to do when I grow up but it is also very fun for me.

    My interests, well like I said was programing. I was in a robotics team last year, we could program one part of the machine to do something when something on like a xbox controller was pressed. I also was in soccer before, but i'm not anymore. What I hatted about it was every sport, no matter who or where your playing it. People will always make a huge big deal out of it like you pressed a self destruct button that will blow up the planet.

  • Helper

    Hey LiquidDragon,
    thank you for your interest and introducing yourself! You've been whitelisted, my apologies for taking some time.
    Now you can hop on to start playing with our community, I hope you have a good time on our servers.
    See you in game!

  • Thank you for accepting my application, I will get on as soon as possible.
    I'm also new to twitter (_LiquidDragon) and youtube (LiquidDragon) there might also be a chance where I might make videos on the server for youtube with my new channel and post screen shots on twitter.
    (When people see this post and ever interested they can go look)

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