• Hello, I am sweettoots. I am 23, from the US, and have never played minecraft on a server. I found out about this server from my husband. I've never played modded minecraft, but I would like to learn. I first started playing minecraft on playstation. I like to build, be artistic, and farm. I have also gotten interested in making potions. Having a list of ingredients that I have to go out and get is always fun and interesting to me. Here in the real world, I like to play dark souls, monster hunter, borderlands, Destiny 2, and bloodborne. I am also going to college to be a physicians assistant.

    Thank you for your time,

  • Helper

    Hi sweettoots!
    Thanks for your interest in joining us, you're added to the white-list, so you can start playing on our servers.
    I hope you'll have a good experience here, playing on a Minecraft multiplayer server for the first time. 😉
    See you in-game!

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