• Salutations.

    Age 22, currently residing in New Jersey, though I will be moving to Ontario, Canada within 8 months.

    Bans? Don't remember. Not to my knowledge. And certainly not on this account, it's new. If you want to check my old one I do still remember the name at least. It was "Cryogeist".
    Lying about my age? None whatsoever

    How I got into Minecraft? Word-of-mouth from friends while in high school 7 years ago. Haven't actually played the game in around 5-6 years. I felt the urge to play a bit of good ol' FTB. Couldn't remember my old account though and being too lazy to pursue it I just bought a new one instead.

    Favorite mod? Back then, it was Thaumcraft... that still around these days?

    Favorite things/hobbies: Playing FFXIV, watching TFS streams, reading a bit of manga here and there, and lately I've been playing a lot of Monster Hunter World. Outside of all that nerd nonsense, I'm a huge proponent of water and water activities. I swim, scuba dive, and occasionally you might find me on a sailboat, canoe, or kayak. I also lifeguard during the summer...


    Oh yeah... I also love David Bowie. 😛

  • Forgot to mention where I found out about you guys. That would be the listing on the ftbservers website.

  • Hello DiggyStardust! Thank you for your interest in our community.
    Thaumcraft is still a thing and soon it will catch up with the newest iteration of MC 😄
    "all that nerd nonsense" 👍 - now we need some global database filled with "great" quotes 😆
    You have been whitelisted. Come and have fun with us Bowie fan! 😄

  • Sweet. See you on the server sometime. 😄

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