• age: 16
    country: usa
    no ban's
    friend espresso was playin(dont know his MC username atm he just went offline on discord for some reason) and i wanna try out any community he thinks is worth joining. i may not be super active all the time but at the same time if it is as good as i hope then i will be playing a lot in the near future. favorite mod is draconic evolution and i got into the minecraft when i saw my friend playing it on his tablet so i asked him if i could try, later on he complained because i got hooked to the game and dident want to give him back his tablet. i play world of tanks, fortnite, leauge of legends, and overwatch to name a few. 😛

  • Staff

    Hey XcaliberZ!

    Thanks for the interest in the server, Apologies about the delay in response.

    Pretty good taste in games if I do say so myself. Nice to see some others playing LoL other than myself.

    I've gone ahead and added you to the whitelist, hope to see you online soon! 🙂

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