• My name is Christian, I am 19 and live in the United States of America! I first got into Minecraft when I was 12 or 13 and I always have enjoyed the free for all to explore your imagiantion and see it come to life. I didn't start with Modded Minecraft until I was 17 and I feel in love with it immediately. I liked the story lines and the new tech and how it gave the original Minecraft a Modern Feel to the Adventure! I've never been Banned on any Server or Lied about my age never been that type of person to be two faced! Thank you for hearing me out and whatever your team decides is cool with me! Have a Good Day to the Stone Bound Squad!

  • Helper

    Heyo Christian!
    Thanks for your application, we've white-listed you, so you are welcomed to join us anytime!
    Be sure to check on our latest announcement regarding the hosted packs, because there are some things happening in the near future. Anyway, I hope you have fun playing on Stonebound, see you around!

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