• Username: DrSnowStorm
    age:4/14/2001 so im 16
    i live in Colorado of U.S.A.
    Ban history: i do not have one.
    i have never lied about my age.
    i found you from a friend of mine and i wanted to join but it said i had to apply to join and i would like to be accepted for the FTB Revelations sever ASAP, but i understand this could take time.
    i worked for a server known as Dreamercraft, they started with tekkit legends and then moved to FTB infinity evolved, i was a mod there as well and had a larger server pop.
    My Fav mod would have to be Tinkers, AE2, Draconic, Big reactors, and any farming mod. some history about me is found minecraft about 8 to 7 years ago and really loved it, and loved it even more when modded became a thing for me. i was so addicted to the mod community that i never could co back to vanilla. modded is my life now and always will be, i may sometimes go to vanilla but my place is here ^^

  • Helper

    Hey DrSnowStorm, and welcome to Stonebound!
    Thanks for leaving an application, I've gone ahead and added you to our white-list,
    enjoy playing with your friend.

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